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The company "Artur Sokół" all meals are prepared according to traditional art of cooking

Our rough-products are top quality, fresh and natural. We do not accept any half-products or chemicals. These able us to guarantee excelency of served menu.

    1. Crayfish tails in dill sauce
    2. Siberian style salmon with bread
    3. Red caviar with bread
    4. Moscow stuffed eggs with the mayonnaise sauce
    5. Moscow style borsch with rabbit
    6. Ukrainian borsch
    7. Pure mushroom soup – boletus soup
    8. Cold beet soup
    9. Broth
    10. Ukha - the Russian fish soup
    11. Roast leg of wild boar with cherry sauce
    12. Roe deer rolls + pearl barley
    13. Odessa style pork loin + potato chops
    14. Chicken de volaille
    15. Pozharsky turkey cutlets
    16. Duck fillet in caper sauce
    17. Odessa style chicken in white sauce
    18. Braised mushrooms baked with potatoes
    19. Siberian style dumplings (pelmeni) + cream sauce
    20. Potato dumplings with black caviar and salmon in chive sauce
    21. Potatoes stuffed with boleti
    22. Pike in saffron sauce
    23. Crucian carps in sour cream
    24. Moscow style sturgeon
    25. Pikeperch a la Russ stuffed with buckwheat porridge and mushrooms
    26. Catfish fried in garlic cream sauce
    27. St. Petersburg style salmon in vegetables with three sauces
    28. Moscow style rolls with salmon and caviar
    29. Marinated herrings
    30. Novgorod style pearl bean salad
    31. Moscow style pikeperch salad
    32. Herring salad with vegetables
    33. Chicken Caesar salad
    34. Pavlova strawberry meringue
    35. Cottage cheese accompanied by pear mousse, honey and nuts
    36. Dumplings filled with cherries
    37. Cake ‘The Cherry Orchard’
    38. Cherry and vanilla ice-cream with whipped cream
    39. ‘The Russian’ cheesecake
    40. Vanilla paskha with candied cherries
    41. Cranberry jelly with cream and vanilla
    42. Cottage cheese filled pastry (vatrushka)
    1. Melon with Parma ham
    2. Tomatoes with mozzarella and basil in garlic oil
    3. Milan style stuffed rice balls
    4. Crostini with anchovies and black olives
    5. Shrimps in garlic and olive sauce
    6. Fried eggplant with mozzarella
    7. Tuscan bruschetta with basil and tomatoes
    8. Grilled chicken paprika soup
    9. Italian tomato soup with veal meatballs, herbs, feta cheese and sour cream, flavoured
    10. with juniper
    11. Minestrone soup
    12. Saltimbocca veal schnitzel
    13. Veal cutlets with olives and tarragon in tomato sauce
    14. Veal escallopes stuffed with gramolata and caramelised carrots
    15. Duck in oranges
    16. Veal with aniseed fennel in light Italian sauce
    17. Calabrese style chicken fillet
    18. Spaghetti frutti di mare
    19. Italian stew with three types of meat and vegetables
    20. Tagliatelle in spinach sauce
    21. Gnocchi with rosemary
    22. Florence style sole
    23. Ossobuco
    24. Veal in tuna sauce
    25. Bean salad with tuna
    26. Capri salad
    27. Caesar salad
    28. Italian pasta salad
    29. Rum cake
    30. Ricotta cheese cake
    31. Fruit tartlets
    32. Amaretti
    33. Fig and nut fruitcake
    34. Tiramisu
    35. Lemon granita
    36. Panacotta
    37. Creamy Sicilian style cookies
    1. Foie gras
    2. Avocado stuffed with feta cheese
    3. Provencal style tomatoes
    4. Roquefort cheese and cucumber mousse
    5. Smoked salmon tartar
    6. Smoked salmon on yoghurt sauce
    7. Green peas cream soup
    8. Asparagus and crab cream soup
    9. Bouillabaisse - fish and seafood soup
    10. Broccoli cream soup with roasted almond flakes
    11. Pork tenderloin stuffed with spinach, in mascarpone-based sauce with capers and
    12. green pepper
    13. Turkey escallopes with capers
    14. Pork with camembert sauce
    15. Duck in oranges
    16. Duck fillet with figs
    17. Chicken breast with sage and glazed onions
    18. Stewed Burgundy style beef + spinach dumplings
    19. Salmon with green pepper sauce
    20. Sole with shrimps and mussels in cream sauce
    21. Cheese and bacon quiche
    22. Salmon in aspic, with white wine, horseradish sauce and capers
    23. Chicken and celery salad
    24. Chicory and roquefort cheese salad
    25. Nicoise salad
    26. Endive and lamb’s lettuce salad
    27. Shrimp, avocado and citrus salad
    28. Vol-au-vent with a spicy stuffing
    29. Cheese boards
    30. Chocolate marquise
    31. Strawberries in Cointreau
    32. Brittany style chocolate cake
    33. Apple pie on caramel sauce
    34. Pear cream
    35. Peaches with vanilla ice-cream in raspberry sauce
    36. Fresh fruit with mango sauce
    37. Chocolate soufflé
    38. Savarin cake with summer fruit
    39. Terrine of venison accompanied by pickled pears and cranberries
    40. Autumn vegetable terrine + plum dip
    41. Old Polish ham with horseradish sauce
    42. Herrings in garlic sauce with potato salad
    1. Terrine of venison accompanied by pickled pears and cranberries
    2. Autumn vegetable terrine + plum dip
    3. Old Polish ham with horseradish sauce
    4. Herrings in garlic sauce with potato salad
    5. Marinated red pine mushrooms with tarragon on veal slices
    6. Prunes wrapped in bacon with horseradish and cow-berry dip
    7. Mushroom soup with chicken dumplings
    8. Chicken soup with noodles
    9. Podolski broth with meat dumplings
    10. Naleczowski sour soup with smoked bacon
    11. Beetroot soup with ravioli
    12. Roast pork stuffed with boleti
    13. Roast veal with garlic and cream sauce
    14. Bieszczadzki stew with prunes
    15. Duck with apples
    16. Collops a la Radziwill
    17. Poultry fillet stuffed with vegetables in a walnut crust
    18. Gdynia medallions with fruit
    19. Wilanow cutlets
    20. Venison ragout with cloves and juniper
    21. Trout roasted in bacon with herb sauce
    22. Grilled pork ribs in honey
    23. Stuffed cabbage in tomato sauce
    24. Dumplings stuffed with various fillings
    25. Coulibiac with cabbage and mushrooms
    26. Krakow style herrings in thick cream
    27. Old Polish ham in spices + mustard sauce
    28. Traditional vegetable salad
    29. Hunter's salad
    30. Potato salad
    31. Mushroom salad
    32. Strawberry sorbet
    33. Krakow style cheesecake + vanilla and blueberry sauce
    34. Yeast cake with fruit and crumbs
    35. Poppy, sweetmeats or nut strudel
    36. Old Polish gingerbread
    37. Honey-cake with walnuts
    38. Poppy seed cake

    Finger food - mix :

    1. Finger food - mix:
    2. Spinach bruschetta
    3. Rolls of sirloin and melon
    4. Avocado, caviar and salmon wraps
    5. Crab balls with lime and yogurt mayonnaise
    6. Pancake rolls with salmon paste
    7. Pancake rolls stuffed with caviar, avocado and ricotta cheese
    8. Mini cheese cream puffs
    9. Crispy buns with curry chicken
    10. Baked cakes with risotto, mushrooms and camembert cheese
    11. Tomato shashliks with mozzarella and basil
    12. Skewered chicken finger foods with barbecue sauce and lemon
    13. Smoked salmon rolls
    14. Bean frittata + herb and cheese dip
    15. Trout fillet sushi
    16. Cheese and walnut crackers snack
    17. Pesto, bacon, and poppy seeds slices
    18. Skewered beef finger foods with apple and horseradish sauce
    19. Spicy shrimp balls
    20. French bread sticks with cheese and caraway seeds
    21. Celery with roquefort cheese
    22. Stuffed prunes
    23. Smoked salmon and trout rolls with horseradish mousse on pumpernickel
    24. Spinach and feta cheese doughnuts
    25. Macaroni with roast beef stuffed with blue cheese, with sunflower sprouts on garlic
    26. toasts
    27. Mini toasts with red onion jam and glazed duck slices
    28. Mini toasts with vegetable tartar on lamb’s lettuce
    29. Rolls of filo pastry with veal and mint, topped with roasted sesame seeds

    Cocktail tartlets - mix :

    1. Shrimp and herb butter tartlets
    2. Smoked salmon and horseradish mousse tartlets
    3. Tenderloin sandwiches with basil butter
    4. Roast beef tartlets
    5. Danish tartlets with turkey and berries
    6. Salami tartlets
    7. Vegetables tartlets
    8. Pate and cranberry tartlets
    9. Swiss tartlets with emmentaler
    10. Tuna and green olives tartlets
    11. Roasted chicken and pineapple tartlets
    12. Mozzarella cheese, tomato and basil leaf tartlets
    13. Tenderloin, crunchy iceberg lettuce and sunflower seeds tartlets
    14. Roasted bacon and pickled cucumber tartlets
    15. Tartlets with three types of cheese, sprouts and vegetables
    16. Traditional old Polish ham, rucola and walnuts tartlets
    17. Roasted duck and orange tartlets
    18. Mini sandwiches with smoked mussels on rucola and tarragon
    1. Roasted pig + buckwheat with offal + beetroot with horseradish
    2. Grilled veal leg
    3. Grilled pork leg
    4. Chuck steak in onion
    5. Salmon in three types of pepper
    6. Salmon with basil and lemon butter
    7. Grilled trout + dill mayonnaise
    8. Poultry fillet with blue cheese
    9. Chicken breast stuffed with prunes
    10. Grilled sheep cheese
    11. Sausage in beer marinade
    12. Black pudding wrapped in bacon
    13. Black pudding with onion
    14. Pork and chicken shashliks
    15. Baked ham with sheep cheese
    16. Pork ribs in spicy garlic sauce
    17. Ribs in honey
    18. Pork ham cutlets with pineapple
    19. Bacon stuffed with wine apples
    20. Grilled Provencal style tomatoes
    21. Stuffed mushrooms
    22. Eggplant with anchovies
    23. Grilled zucchini
    24. Traditional Polish sauerkraut stew
    25. White sausage in onion sauce
    26. Mexican style chicken thigh
    27. Chicken pieces in barbecue sauce
    28. Vegetable pilaf
    29. Baked potatoes with cottage cheese and chives
    30. Baked potatoes with flavoured butter or cream + mustard, ketchup, pepper dip,
    31. mustard dip, garlic and cucumber dip, cranberry and horseradish dip
    32. Dumplings stuffed with buckwheat and mushrooms
    33. Dumplings stuffed with cabbage and mushrooms
    34. Dumplings stuffed with blueberries or cowberries
    35. Namyslowski sour soup with insert
    36. Borsch
    37. Grilled bananas with vanilla sauce
    38. Peach halves with caramel sauce
    39. Grilled apples with jam

    BBQ side dishes:

    • Country bread + herb, onion, apple and garlic lard
    • Low-salt cucumbers
    • Pickled mushrooms
    • Sauces and dips
    • Mustard, ketchup, and horseradish
    • Sauerkraut